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There is lots more to choose from – read up about it and choose for yourself!Lonely Planet has been a very useful guidebook to lead me around Beijing. The main chabad has minyanim on shabbat (most of the time) and sometimes during the week.There is a Mikvah located by the Jewish School about 30 minutes from town (get details from the Chabad family).Get directions in Chinese and English on the website, and print it out to show to a taxi driver.Elsewhere, 800,000 students are being taught how to clap and cheer in unison, and even the weather will be strictly controlled, using "cloud-seeding" techniques to ensure it rains before, but not during, the Games.Yet the great irony of the communist party's instinct to control every aspect of public behaviour is that the Chinese, of all people, don't need lessons in how to conduct themselves.I have travelled in the depths of winter, when temperatures in Beijing were sub-zero, but it was brilliantly sunny.

There is plenty to see in and its surrounding areas.It was the first time this had happened to me but it wouldn’t be the last.I live in Beijing, a city of over 20 million people, with a history that dates back three millennia.Beijing is also where China’s identity crisis makes itself most evident – the struggle to hold to its traditions, while attempting to shake them off in a race to become modern and Westernised.

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Its winding , with homes that were built centuries ago, also house designer boutiques and craft breweries.Paying my first visit to China last week, my overriding impression of the Chinese was that they are unfailingly charming, friendly and polite.