Britney spears and simon cowell dating and black woman dating

14-Mar-2016 01:29

Although I don’t typically cover reality shows, Spears is such a fascinating public figure that I’m making an exception. We are careful, though, who we screen, at that age. So, unfortunately, I have to agree with them, some of the time.Via satellite from Miami for boot camp rounds, during the Fox portion of the TCA Summer Press Tour, Britney Spears and Simon Cowell talked about how she decided to become a judge, what she brings to the show, how inspiring it is to nurture new talent, the relationship between the judges’ panel, the pressure of finding a blockbuster artist on the show, and whether this show is as much about the judges as it is the talent. That was the girls’ fault there, unfortunately, because they could have saved her. Britney, having done this a bit now, what do you know about this process now that you didn’t know before signing on? COWELL: It’s a good question, and the answer to your question is yes, I do feel pressure to do that, and I put myself under pressure. If I was making a show and I didn’t believe that we could find a worldwide-selling artist, at the end of it, I wouldn’t bother making this.According to one, the couple were forced to postpone plans for a winter wedding following a string of volatile arguments.“Britney and Jason had planned to get married at the end of December, but they have been fighting non-stop so the wedding has now been called off.They are telling their friends it's being postponed, but they will probably never make it down the aisle.”The singer is raking in a reported million salary for her current judging stint on the US version of 'The X Factor' alongside Demi Lovato, LA Reid and Simon Cowell.Simon Cowell has confirmed that Britney Spears will appear on his British talent show, “The X Factor,” the Daily Mail reported on Sunday. 1 single “Womanizer.” “I’m really excited about it,” Simon told the Daily Mail.“She has her act together and the new record is terrific.”He went on to note that Britney’s public comeback – which began in September with her triumphant appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards, where she won three Moon Men – is a welcome return after a “dark” period.

returns for Season 2 in September, with two new judges – pop stars Britney Spears and Demi Lovato – and a new crop of aspiring talent. She’s done a lot of incredible things since leaving the show, so there’s no scars. And I’ve thought for the last of couple years that Demi is one of the hottest new artists around, at the moment.As for Simon, he’s reportedly in good spirits after splitting from longtime girlfriend Terri Seymour.He was “hugely relieved,” a source close to the “American Idol” judge told the Daily Mail.We talked about it a couple of times, when I was on tour, but really never took it seriously until she went back and started working for him. I adore Simon, and it was something I really wanted to do. We’re screen testing some people, in the next three to four weeks, so we should make an announcement around about middle of August. No one really has any job security anymore, including myself. These shows have a habit of exposing a side of people that we rarely get to see, and we get to learn a little bit more about them, in a more intimate way.

You’re at the hands of the audience who watch the shows. What have you learned, going through this experience, and what do you think some of the misconceptions may be still about you?Check out what they had to say after the jump., as a judge? The whole point of the show is that you do have an opportunity to save people like Rachel. SPEARS: Well, I just feel like, being with Simon and L. [Reid] and Demi [Lovato], just the team that we are together, makes it so much fun to do the show. I brought the show to America because I think the best singers in the world, historically, are American. SPEARS: It’s quite similar, in the fact that we did have a big call, for all of us together. I actually didn’t get to see the other auditions, but we went in individually, and it was a lot of fun.