Eclipse maven hangs updating indexes

04-Jun-2016 23:56

The local repository refers to a copy on your own installation that is a cache of the remote downloads, and also contains the temporary build artifacts that you have not yet released.Remote repositories refer to any other type of repository, accessed by a variety of protocols such as .At the same time the project's development trunk is updated allowing developers to continue with further modifications that will be included within future releases.The plugin will extract file revisions associated with the current release.The main aim of the maven-release plugin is to provide a standard mechanism to release project artifacts outside the immediate development team.The plugin provides basic functionality to create a release and to update the project's SCM accordingly.Installing into your local maven-repository means that maven downloads all dependencies from remote repositories into its local cache.Furthermore Maven complies your local sourcecode and creates packages in your local maven-repository.

eclipse maven hangs updating indexes-80

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After maven has been supplied with the required information the maven-release plugin will interact with the project's SCM and define a relese to be extracted and deployed.These repositories might be a truly remote repository set up by a third party to provide their artifacts for downloading (for example, repo.maven.and Maven's central repository).