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One of the talks was called "The Seven Point Whammy" as to why Christianity is intellectually feasible (I wonder if this is the same version, here). I got the cassette and went back for more talks and tapes.

Certainly, there is no other book like it, but this fact, as we will see, becomes more of an embarrassment to the Bible than proof of its divine origin. The Canon of the Bible (1999) by Larry Taylor A critical reply to chapter three of Josh Mc Dowell's Evidence That Demands a Verdict. Reliability and Belief (1999) by James Still In this essay, the author reacts to Josh Mc Dowell's Chapter 4 entitled "Reliability of the Bible" in his book ETDAV.are josh hutcherson and shannon wada still dating Annasophia robb and lanchen hutcherson-still in his ex-girlfriend connor hutcherson meet. Talks dating josh #josh hutcherson responde as he is. Joslin "Josh" Mc Dowell (born August 17, 1939) is a Christian apologist, evangelist, and writer.The purpose of Jury shall be to evaluate how well it does. The Uniqueness of the Bible (1997) by Farrell Till In ETDAV, Mc Dowell begins his defense of the Bible with the claim that it is unique.

He parades before us an array of "scholars" to testify to various features of the Bible that qualify it to be considered "different from all others" [books], as if anyone would seriously try to deny that the Bible is unique, i.e., different from all others.The only redeeming feature that the Fool found in the book was Mc Dowell's account on the last four pages of his own psychological needs and the changes that he says took place in his restlessness, his temper, and his anger at his father, when he became a Christian at P. The Fool should warn graduate students and philosophy majors that they are especially suspect to Mc Dowell and do not fare well in More Than a Carpenter. In Mc Dowell's words, Jesus "is either a liar, a lunatic, or Lord." No other options are allowed and no awareness of biblical scholarship regarding the historicity of Jesus or the development of the canon is evidenced.

But in the full sense of the term murals emerged in the late Paleolithic period, ie 40 - 20 thousand years ago.… continue reading »

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