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09-Apr-2016 17:26

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After that I decided to delete my entire profile because I didn't want to use the site anymore because I figured no one would know him on there anyway and because there was no one decent on here to meet. When I did I got a message from Tango saying my profile was deleted and that they were herby issuing me a formal request not to cease and desist using the site anymore now or in the future. There was nothing harassing, disrespectful, threatening, harmful, illegal, vulgar, or criminal of any kind.And if I ignored that request they would take strict legal and civil action against me, and that my actions and movement on our site will be tracked from this point forward and will assist our company in any legal recourse we will have against you. They were getting completely carried away with threatening me like that over text like that. dating has made the process of meeting new people incredibly easy.People can begin from scratch and get to know everything about each other before any actual meeting takes place.Your activities or profile on our site is suspicious and under investigation.Until we have completed our investigation you will not be allowed to log on to the site.The second factor that determines a good dating site is the features of the site.

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well, say nothing to you: Ugly, funny-looking, scary-looking, too fat, too old, and so it goes, mostly looking at how people look rather than who they are.

This is about a bad experience I had with the dating site Tango Wire, I had a profile on there.