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Throughout much of her life Gascoine has suffered bouts of clinical depression which she claims is the legacy of the miserable years she spent at boarding school when cruel teachers humiliated her because she was frightened and wet the bed.Then, nine years into her marriage to Molina, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer.The pity, however, is that the book on which Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is based manages, somewhat miraculously, to indulge neither of the tropes to which the film falls prey.

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Molina was born Alfredo Molina in Paddington, London.

Every page, every description, is another opportunity for Barker to come off as clueless, privileged, or quietly prejudiced.

Alfred Molina (born ) is a British-born, naturalized American actor.

Yet 27 years on Gascoine and Molina, now 76 and 60, have defied all the doubters who said it would never, could never last. As Molina’s star rose Gascoine’s acting career faded away to nothing after a few appearances in American TV series.

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That shift alone would have broken many couples in their self-obsessed profession but there was more.

A text like The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan is difficult enough to pull off in the first place: You have a white war correspondent attempting to write about a fiercely religious, contradictory, and ideologically complex country against a backdrop of foreigners acting like high schoolers.